Specter Security Group is here to serve those that are at risk of being threatened or exploited

We exist because the U.S. Government trained our team for hostile domestic and overseas environments and to protect U.S. interests. Specter possesses experience in utilizing unique measures to mitigate over the horizon threats. Whether it be insider threats, social media brand targeting, hostile termination or a myriad of attacks – both virtual and physical – our intelligence and security operations team is prepared to respond.

Decades of Experience

Specter Security Group possesses decades of experience in clandestine operations – domestically and overseas – for the U.S. Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement. Our team routinely serves as expert witnesses for the U.S. Attorneys Office, Cable News Media and overseas U.S. Delegations countering illicit finance, trafficking and proliferation. We specialize in risk mitigation for the conventional and unconventional threats.

We’ve Got You Covered

Protective Intelligence

Specter Security Group maintains a robust intelligence and security operations center capable of tracking multiple threats against clients. We detect, assess, and target the adversary seeking to ruin our client’s brand and reputation. More importantly, our strategic and tactical analysts – trained in computer forensics, behavioral sciences, intelligence, finance and surveillance – will prepare a comprehensive report enabling the client to make an informed decision.


Executive Protection

Specter’s team of special operators possess multi-variant tradecrafts and investigative techniques to assess, mitigate and recover from adverse situations. Our network of former U.S. Government operators – located in the U.S. and abroad – will keenly assess your unique situation, assign a plan, establish a protective intelligence perimeter and respond in a manner that ensures low exposure and preserves your key equities.


Investigative Services

Experienced in fraud examination, counter-exploitation, surveillance and investigations, Specter Security Group engages each client with an empirical team of specialists positioned to prevent loss and present viable options to recover expeditiously. Our team of computer, financial, intelligence and legal specialists provide a comprehensive alternative that will mitigate loss and minimize exposure.

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