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Profound experience in intelligence, protection and

Specter Security Group, is an Intelligence-based consulting firm specializing in risk mitigation, loss prevention and threat solutions.

Our intelligence, protection and investigative teams have witnessed the worst that society has endured all the while participating in operations to neutralize future threats of this same sort.

Our professional service platform is infused with ground intelligence, surveillance and in-depth analysis designed to provide an empirical understanding of a threat and warranted mitigation measures to prevent loss, damage or reputational harm to specialized clients. We understand that every successful operation stems from accurate intelligence.

As our society becomes increasingly multi-lingual, our team– many who have served in overseas postings and are networked with foreign law enforcement and intelligence services– are fluent in multiple languages thereby facilitating enhanced protection in foreign environments.

We have partnered with multiple intelligence and security firms giving us reach in 140 countries. We pride ourselves in preventing attacks before they occur all the while being prepared for any random threatening acts. Specter Security Group is confident that our professional consultation services in intelligence, protection and investigations will serve as a value-added asset in maintaining the client’s personal and professional welfare.

Who Are We?

Specter Security Group, LLC is a registered Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small-Business.

Our company was founded by industry professionals who have dedicated most of their lives serving their country in the U.S. Military, DOD, DOS, FBI and CIA. We were trained by the U.S. Government, then tested by the ever-changing threats of this world, giving us the experience to best serve our clients.

We pride ourselves in providing intelligence and protection to industry leaders that change and inspire our world. We are quiet professionals that operate in the background with discretion, so whoever we are protecting can have the peace of mind that their security or the welfare of their family and assets are protected without public scrutiny.

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